Cartoons & Cards

Freelance Storyboards draw cartoons and pre-production storyboards for animations.

Most of my cartoon and card creation projects usually involve working from character reference drawings supplied by the client as a style guide, or I create the characters myself. Cartoons for research key findings is another popular area: boy, those research guys don’t pull their punches!

I also draw business-to-business cartoons for presentations and highly personalised leaving/retirement cards. The samples shown here won’t have you rolling in the isles simply because they are personal to the people involved. For a caricature or cartoon, all I really need is a decent mug shot of the victim. I’ll work with your ideas or my own, but usually it’s a joint effort.

I cartooned for Guy Browning’s satirical business column “The Pocket Guru” in The Daily Telegraph once a week for three years. Great fun. How about a monthly strip cartoon for your website? Whatever you need in the way of a cartoon or a caricature, Freelance Storyboards can cartoon it!

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“Great cartoonist, able to take your idea and and turn it into the visual you saw in your head. Easy and fun to work with, but knows a deadline is a deadline".

Teri England Commercial & Marketing Director Red Fox ID Ltd