Concepts & Experiential

Many years' experience as a successful freelance visualiser and storyboard artist has taught me to expect any kind of brief. So if you can imagine it, I can draw it!

I’m happy working from a script, treatment, sketch, phone call and/or email but usually a combination of those things. Sometimes you might only need some initial sketches for a meeting, which I'll happily provide. You may eventually want to take those preliminary sketches to a much higher level — I can do that for you as well.

Coming from an agency art director background I can assist with ideas as well (if needed): added creative value is what Freelance Storyboards offers on every job. Recent concept and experiential work includes: Retail, In-Store Development, Advertising, New Product Development, Experiential, Research Key Findings, Point of Sale, Sales Promotion and Exhibition Design.

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“We’ve worked with Gus more than once. He ‘gets’ concepts quickly and has been great at helping us to help our clients visualise the ideas that we are pitching. He’s also very calm when you change your mind / a critical part of the idea at the 11th hour!”

Matt Deleon, Founder at Van Communications