Some frequently asked questions

Q. How much?
A. If required, I can provide an immediate estimate based on our conversation, or the contents of your email. You'll receive a firm quotation once I’ve listened to, or read, your script or brief. In terms of the cost, the estimate and the quotation are usually similar. I won’t start a job unless I’m clear on what I’m doing. I don’t need a written order, but they can help oil the wheels when it comes to getting paid.

Q. Can you do it in my time frame?
A. Yes. I never take on a job that’s impossible — few are! And I've never missed a deadline in my long career.

Q. Can I see how my brief is shaping up as the project moves along?
A. Yes. I will email you low res pencil “work-outs” for discussion or approval

Q. If I want to change things will I be charged?
A. Not usually. Sending pencil “work-outs” normally negates that possibility and is part of the working process. If however, you decide to change the brief i.e., you require very different content, then I might have to charge more. Flexibility and respect are a given by both parties.

Q. How can I be sure of confidentiality?
A. I work alone which is conducive to uninterrupted and efficient working. Always happy to sign an NDA and more importantly, to abide by them. It is not my policy to name clients or display their logos on this website, without the client's permission.

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