Illustration is difficult to categorise, simply because there are literally hundreds of illustrative styles out there and as many mediums.

Being able to illustrate in more than one style is part and parcel of what I do and a few of my styles of illustration are featured here. New styles are emerging all the time.

If you require a particular style of illustration, please call me or send me a sample of something you like. I'm comfortable illustrating in most styles, including book illustration, strip cartoons, 'comic book', childrens' styles, highly finished Magic Marker drawings, digital illustrations etc., etc.

The method of working is much the same as in other categories. We make contact and discuss your requirements over the phone, or by email (usually both) and we go from there.

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“Gus has made a very positive impact on a number of projects for Axiom. His ability absorb complex issues and deliver clean elegant illustrations that meet the brief is unrivalled in my experience.

Chris Carey CEO Axiom Communications