Innovation Workshops

Drawing and creating delegates' ideas at speed and 'on the fly' is not for the faint hearted. It involves working under extreme pressure and enjoying the process at the same time.

I design and illustrate work that’s visually on brand — a skill and a sense I acquired over many years working on FMCG accounts.

My clients are professional facilitators who know how to get the best from delegates. They inspire and enthuse and whip workshop participants into a frenzy of creative activity.

Recent workshops I've attended include Shopper Marketing, New Product Development and Pack Design. In addition to the U.K., I've been involved in workshops in Hong Kong, South Africa, USA and Colombia.

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NPD workshop in Dublin
Dublin Workshop 2015
Discussing a concept
Discussing an idea
Gus visualising concepts at his desk Shopper Focus Groups due in 2 hours - five more concept boards to go!
"In an increasingly fast paced, digital world, it is even more important to be able to translate ideas into concepts fast. Gus has an amazing ability to take a complex brief and turn it into visuals in a breathtaking pace.
J&J has used him to visualize instore solutions, product ideas, healthcare models, team logos, marketing and shopper campaigns and much more. In our innovation workshops he helps teams develop a large number of visuals which are used for consumer testing within hours. In projects, he is a go to resource for visuals which help explain a concept quickly and succinctly.
In a competitive environment dominated by flashy 3D renders, I have personally found that a great guy with a pen can do more, be more compelling, and move teams to action incredibly quickly. And he’s a great person to work with, our teams love him!”

James Mounter – Vice President, Customer Development, Johnson & Johnson Consumer China