B & W Storyboards or Shooting Boards

What style of storyboard I create for you usually (but not always) depends on the level of finish you need for your pitch, presentation or movie, the budget and how much time I have to create the storyboard.

Providing it’s well drawn, a slick B&W storyboard can be just as impactful and impressive as a fully rendered set of coloured up boards . Black & white boards take less time to create, so they can be a lot more cost effective. Often used as directors' reference on the set, shooting boards help keep projects on track and on schedule.

Page layouts and Wire Frames

Occasionally I’m asked to create Page Layouts for mail order or Wire Frame layouts for website pages where items are compared, selected and sold off the page. It’s a skill I learned in my retail advertising days many, many years ago!

Based in and around London UK, Freelance Storyboards produces black & white visuals for ad campaigns, mail order catalogues and photographic shoots.

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"Gus is passionate about what he does. He’s a conceptualiser, a writer, a salesman, a customer, a marketing man and when required can be one of the devil’s best advocates. He can make his point — and draw it — and he always seeks the best possible outcomes for his clients. I’ve known and worked with him for at least 30 years and I know that when Gus makes a promise, he keeps it. Recommended, without a qualification of any sort.."

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