Freelance Storyboards help clients pitch for business and present ideas for moving images via a series of panel or frame drawings, usually for initial research for television commercials and videos...but not always.

Check out my storyboard for the Live Pearl Diver Show at Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi on this carousel and the surfers wave show on the concept page. I strive to add drama to every panel — whatever the brief, subject or budget.

Based in and around London UK, I work for production companies, advertising agencies and sometimes on clients' brands directly. I like to work at speed, so pencils and magic markers are my preferred media. Speed does not preclude accuracy, precision or realism. I hone every panel of the storyboard and re-read the script to make sure the storyboard action is on-brief.

Building good relationships with clients is important and enjoyable. I want to do the storyboard after this one and the storyboard after that one. Every client briefs in a slightly different way and artists certainly draw differently and definitely think differently. That’s why I believe it's important to both parties to develop a strong relationship.

Your brief can be in the form of a scamp storyboard, script/treatment or a phone call, or a combination of all three.

Print off style sheets for your pre-production meetings

Sample StorybaordsSample storyboard
Colour VisualsSample Colour Visuals
Sample pencil drawingsSample pencil drawings
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"Gus really is a storyboard ARTIST , not just because his pictures are pretty but because his understanding of film language and composition mean he is a true collaborator. He happens to be a thoroughly nice fella too".

Nic Cornwall Little Big Fish Films Ltd